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 An Ariana Media Publication 08/27/2016

Has Afghan election fraud controversy been defused?
The Christian Science Monitor (06/25/2014)

Moscow’s Afghan Endgame
The Diplomat (06/25/2014)

Apologize to people, MPs asks Abdullah
Pajhwok (06/25/2014)

The Men Who Run Afghanistan
The Atlantic (06/23/2014)

After Karzai
The Atlantic (06/23/2014)

IEC secretary announces resignation
Pajhwok (06/23/2014)

IECC spurns Abdullah’s claim; hails UN intervention
Pajhwok (06/23/2014)

Afghan election crisis: 'stuffed sheep' recordings suggest large-scale fraud
The Guardian (06/23/2014)

Foreign spies trading on poll crisis: People
Pajhwok (06/22/2014)

Election commission office closed in Kunduz due to security threats
Khaama Press (06/22/2014)

Afghan Leader Backs U.N. Election Role
The New York Times (06/21/2014)

Tensions mount over Afghan vote, protest held in Kabul
Reuters (06/21/2014)

Hundreds protest alleged Afghan election fraud
The Associated Press (06/21/2014)

Afghan Presidential Election Takes Dangerous Turn
The Huffington Post (06/21/2014)

20,000 Heratis being sent to Iran for work
Pajhwok (12/27/2013)

At Kabul airport, exodus of U.S. aid goes on
The Washington Post (12/27/2013)

Haqqani Network leaders sexually abuse teenager boys
Khama Press (12/27/2013)

Unemployment, Crime Rising Ahead Of Troop Pullout
Tolo (12/27/2013)

British army head warns Taliban could retake key territory in south
Khama Press (12/27/2013)

Election Officials Emphasize Impartial Surveys
Tolo (12/27/2013)

A Complete US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Would Be 'A Complete Catastrophe' For Civilian Aid
Reuters (12/27/2013)

Facing Big Changes, Anxious Afghans Hope For The Best In 2014
NPR (12/27/2013)

Afghanistan, North Korea, and Somalia Are the World's Most Corrupt Countries, With China in the Middle (12/04/2013)

Poetry of Betrayal: Afghan Elections and Transitional Justice
Beacon Reader (10/25/2013)

Couple beheaded in Helmand province for having love affair
Khaama Press (10/25/2013)

US senator says no aid for Afghanistan unless security deal finalized
Khaama Press (10/25/2013)

Would-be child bombers detained: NDS
Pajhwok (10/25/2013)

PJ (10/24/2013)

The Afghan dead find a list
Inter Press Service (10/24/2013)

10 runners shortlisted in 2014 presidential race
Pajhwok (10/24/2013)

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Supporters of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah shout slogans during a protest in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, June 21, 2014. Former Foreign Minister Abdullah,..

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Afghan Warlord’s Call to Arms Rattles Officials
The New York Times (11/15/2012)

Afghanistan sees rise in ‘dancing boys’ exploitation
The Washington Post (09/09/2012)

Top Afghans Tied to ’90s Carnage, Researchers Say
The New York Times (07/24/2012)

Will civil war hit Afghanistan when the U.S. leaves?
The New Yorker (07/03/2012)

Afghan anti-corruption watchdog threatens to quit
The Guardian (12/14/2011)

Burhanuddin Rabbani: Life ruled by an ambition for power
The Guardian (09/27/2011)

Afghanistan Ground Situation Far From Reassuring
TIME (09/20/2011)

Counterinsurgency scorecard says Afghan War could go either way
Stars and Stripes (08/12/2011)

Afghanistan to be handed over to gangsters
The National Times (06/13/2011)

"U.S. can't leave Afghanistan until the 'criminal syndicate' government does"
CNN (06/12/2011)

Karzai Told to Dump U.S.
Wall Street Journal (04/29/2011)

The 1980s mujahideen, the Taliban and the shifting idea of jihad
The Guardian (04/29/2011)

AIDS In Afghanistan: Stigma Hampers Fight Against The Disease
Reuters (02/10/2011)

Our Man in Kandahar
The Atlantic (02/07/2011)

Red Cross says Afghan conditions worst in 30 years
Reuters (12/15/2010)

US lawmakers met with Karzai opponents over possible Taliban deal
McClatchy Newspapers (08/20/2010)

Iran's covert operations in Afghanistan
The Guardian (07/29/2010)

Afghan village force: Moving forward
The Hill (07/22/2010)

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan...
Foreign Policy (05/29/2010)

Afghan tribal politics backfire on U.S. plan
The Washington Post (05/12/2010)

Iran to step up Afghan presence
PTI (04/15/2010)

How to End the War in Afghanistan
The New York Review of Books (04/12/2010)

The alienation of Hamid Karzai
Asia Times (04/01/2010)

When Barack met Hamid
The Economist (03/31/2010)

The Warlord's Tune: Afghanistan's war on children
ABC News, AU (03/03/2010)

Iran Again Accused of Trying to Halt Afghan Dam
IWPR (03/01/2010)

Battle for Marja not only militarily significant
The Washington Post (02/21/2010)

Racism amongst Afghans – so sick of it!
GlobalPost (01/15/2010)

Pressure From All Sides as Karzai Picks His Team
The New York Times (12/07/2009)

Afghanistan and the 'Age of Obama'
Rediff (12/01/2009)

The 130-year war
GlobalPost (11/26/2009)

From Words To Deeds In Afghanistan's Corruption Fight
RFE/RL (11/19/2009)

Afghans fear infiltration from Iran
AsiaTimes (11/16/2009)

U.S. aid worker held over Afghan boy's shooting
Reuters (11/11/2009)

Dig in or walk away?
The Guardian (09/07/2009)

The Afghan Election: Policy vs. Politics
e-Ariana (08/08/2009)

Students and Teachers Are Innocent
e-Ariana (08/02/2009)

Winning the Elusive Peace in Afghanistan
Center for International Relations (07/30/2009)

A Long Hot Summer and a Call for Change
e-Ariana (07/14/2009)

Regional Summit Dismissed as “Elaborate Showpiece”
IWPR (06/04/2009)

Poets mirror feelings of Afghans caught in conflict
Reuters Blogs (05/22/2009)

Bombs for Pashtoons and Dollars for Punjab
PNS (05/14/2009)

"Leveling the playing field" in Afghanistan's upcoming election (04/18/2009)

Drug Addiction, and Misery, Increase In Afghanistan
NPR (04/16/2009)

Don't Dumb Down Afghanistan
Weekly Standard (03/23/2009)

The Man Who Shouldn't be King
CounterPunch (02/24/2009)

Dear Ambassador Holbrooke:
Foreign Policy (02/13/2009)

How Not to Lose Afghanistan
The New York Times (01/28/2009)

The militia mistak
The Guardian (01/06/2009)

Bribes Corrode Afghans’ Trust in Government
TIME (01/05/2009)

From crisis to conflict?
The Independent (12/28/2008)

The failure to end corruption threatens Afghanistan's future
The Washington Post (12/16/2008)

A New Strategy for Afghanistan
e-Ariana (12/01/2008)

Not my grandfather's country
The International Herald Tribune (10/31/2008)

A surge of pessimism
The Economist (10/19/2008)

Karzai’s Popularity Slips in Afghanistan
The Washington Independent (09/29/2008)

Better-organized Taliban roar back
The Washington Post (09/27/2008)

Remembering Afghan Refugees
Eurasianet (09/13/2008)

Taleban at Kabul's doorstep
BBC (08/18/2008)

Alarm Bells in Afghanistan
Center for American Progress (07/18/2008)

Defending freedom to abuse
National Post (06/22/2008)

Incompetence in Afghanistan
Globe and Mail (06/18/2008)

As Ills Persist, Afghan Leader Is Losing Luster
The New York Times (06/08/2008)

'I Wish I Had the Taliban as My Soldiers'
Der Spiegel (05/02/2008)

Shifting Views on Afghanistan
e-Ariana (04/10/2008)

Afghanistan: NATO's Most Critical Mission
DiplomaticTraffic (04/05/2008)

Afghan Corruption a Growing Concern
TIME (04/03/2008)

Women's Gains at Risk in Afghanistan
nps. edu (03/23/2008)

Prosecutor Suggests 'Some People' Cannot Be Tried
RFE/RL (02/12/2008)

Beyond Security Issue, the Economy is Booming
EurasiaNet (01/24/2008)

Opium Poppy Economy And Conflict
e-Ariana (01/18/2008)

Fixing the "Afghani"
e-Ariana (01/13/2008)

Regaining Momentum
e-Ariana (01/12/2008)

Britain's theatrical war against the Taliban
spiked (12/28/2007)

British Get Blamed for Helmand Security Problems
IWPR, UK (11/24/2007)

Afghan city of party prohibitions
BBC (11/12/2007)

Cashing in on Karzai & Co.
SOPnewswire (11/11/2007)

Confronting the development challenges in Afghanistan
e-Ariana (11/09/2007)

Herat Reeling from Violent Crime Wave
IWPR (10/26/2007)

Women: The Pillars of Afghanistan
CACI Analyst (10/23/2007)

HuffPost's LiveChat with Afghanistan's Ambassador to the U.S., Said T. Jawad
Huffington Post. (10/07/2007)

A political standoff tests Afghan leaders
International Herald Tribune (09/26/2007)

Afghan bridge exposes huge divide
Asia Times (09/10/2007)

Don't fail Afghanistan
Los Angeles Times (08/28/2007)

How a "Good War" in Afghanistan Went Bad
The New York Times (08/12/2007)

Evidence of Iranian Support for Afghan Insurgency Mounts
IWPR (07/19/2007)

Iranian influence in Afghanistan
BBC (06/12/2007)

On the Road to Becoming a Narco State
IPS (05/27/2007)

New Alliance Threatens Karzai: Power Struggle in Afghanistan
Der Spiegel (05/27/2007)

The National United Front
Weesa (04/25/2007)

The national front and Karzai's front
Arman-e Melli (04/23/2007)

Amnesty or Impunity
e-Ariana (04/17/2007)

Amnesty for Afghan War Criminals?
TheTyee, Canada (03/12/2007)

Bill of wrongs
The Guardian (02/28/2007)

Crimes of politics
Los Angeles Times, Editorial (02/26/2007)

Turkey did it. Can Afghanistan?
Toronto Star (02/25/2007)

Afghans in No Mood to Forgive Killers
IWPR (02/22/2007)

Gas pipeline: Iran elbows out Afghanistan
Pajhwok (02/04/2007)

Iran in Afghanistan: Paving with good intentions?
International Herald Tribune (12/27/2006)

Justice for War Criminals Essential to Peace
Human Rights Watch (12/14/2006)

Afghan Drug Boom Fuels Child Addiction Rates
IWPR (12/12/2006)

Afghanistan's Flowering Media
OhmyNews International (09/08/2006)

Iran seeking to draw western Afghanistan into its sphere of influence
The Associated Press (02/14/2006)