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 An Ariana Media Publication 08/26/2016
 Tribunal Claims New Kabul Bank Uncooperative with Investigation

By Mahboba Pardis

New Kabul Bank officials are not cooperating to determine the total amount owing from the Kabul Bank scandal of 2010, Special Kabul Bank Tribunal chief Shams-ur-Rhman Shams said Monday.

"We have sent letters to the New Kabul Bank officials and asked their cooperation to provide information about these issues; they neither reply to us nor cooperate with the assigned delegation," Shams told TOLOnews.

The tribunal asked New Kabul Bank officials to provide information about a sum of $825M given to them by the Ministry of Finance but the officials have refused any kind of cooperation.

He also said that Abdul Ghafar Dawi, one of the previous shareholders who owes $35M, has not paid his debts and has not appeared before the court as expected.

The sale of properties of previous shareholders of Kabul Bank in Dubai and Afghanistan will be sold in order to compensate the losses and pay their debts, adding that so far $104M of the bank's debts have been retrieved while the total property of the shareholders costs $245M.

Meanwhile, the new CEO of New Kabul Bank Massoud Khan Musa Ghazi confirmed that he did not provide information about the Finance Ministry aid to the Bank, saying that this issue could not be investigated without all the members of the delegation present.

"We are waiting for all the six members of the delegation to gather. So far, only the representative from the Attorney General Office has been introduced. But the Department 90 [one of the National Directorate of Security departments], Ministry of Finance, High Office of Oversight and Anti Corruption haven't introduced their representatives," Ghazi said.

Abdul Ghafar Dawi denied Shams' claims, saying that his case would be followed up by Kabul Bank's Commercial Division and he only owes $18M.

"I totally reject these allegations," he told TOLOnews. "The high court and the Attorney General Office ordered that my case should be followed up at the Kabul's Commercial Division."

The special Kabul Bank Tribunal director said that Mahmood Karzai and Hassin Fahim, have paid most of their debts and they owe $9M and $3M respectively.

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