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 An Ariana Media Publication 08/26/2016
 A group of militants on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is preparing a power action in Central Asia

Baku Today

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An armed group of 150 to 200 fighters in the Gorge is Varzič (Vardudž) in the counties of Baharak and Zebok (Badakhshan, Afghanistan)-reported by the Tajik version of radio “liberty” in Afghan security structures-passes BakuToday .

According to the source, a multinational group of militia movement The Taliban, Džamoati “Ansorulloh” and Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan Afghans, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Chechens.

The interlocutor of the American Edition, reported that an armed group arrived in the Gorge of the Tuphona and Varzič through the passes of the Shokhi Salim from Pakistan and can penetrate in the republics of Central Asia, through the counties of Rushan, Ishkashim and Darvoz.

Previously the group, according to a representative of the security forces, entered into armed conflict with the Afghan police in Badakhshan, losing several operatives. Their identities were not able to set the power. As said by the interlocutor of the United States State Department, echoing the armed group financed by Pakistan, and is supposed to be preparing for the active actions on the territory of the republics of Central Asia.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the leader of the people’s Committee of the salvation of the fatherland of Kyrgyzstan Abdimažit Madmarov at a press conference, stated that “in southeastern Afghanistan in the” Shiva “, as well as the towns of Taloqan and Faizabad, Bahorak are militia groups and warehouses with ammunition to be transported to southern Kyrgyzstan.”In the chon-Alai and Nookat district OSH province already have two camps of militants for 200-250 people each, “said Abdimažit Madmarov.

Meanwhile, as stated in an interview BakuToday expert on Afghanistan, Alexander Kniazev, “all information on concentrations of fighters ready to move south of Kyrgyzstan of Afghan Badakhshan impeccably to coincide with situational military-political situation in the region. Clearly referred to the likely places where and the direction of movement of militants. Groups from the countries of the former SOVIET UNION for two years working in the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan on stand-alone program and is their constant mobilization and delivery of recruits from the region “.

In addition, as a proof of authenticity can be an example of “a lot of circumstantial factors of regional geopolitics” Knyazev said. According to his data, “in southern Kyrgyzstan since the spring tension comes from a number of Kyrgyz political groups, each of which is capable of if you want to play the ethnic card to trigger latent phase of Kyrgyz-Uzbek conflict.” In addition, according to Alexander Knyazev, “two years have passed since then, as leader of the GO Usmon Odil declared Jihad Kyrgyz State. Two years in the philosophy and psychology of Islam, quite a bit, it’s like yesterday. “In view of the fact that an independent organization, go it is controlled by the secret services of Western and Arab countries, it can be assumed that an order to intensify received”-said the expert.

At the same time, says Aleksandr Knyazev, a curious coincidence that information over time with the teachings of the power structures of Tajikistan and, at the same time, the total negation of this information by Kyrgyzstan. At a minimum, this should indicate a low level of professionalism of Kyrgyz secret services that, in General, and not surprisingly, this Office has long been, at best, serve as ex-militiamen and destination implemented since Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the principles of personal devotion “.

Furthermore, “any appearance of GO in the Ferghana Valley, Ricochet or directly affects the security interests of Uzbekistan, even if not expressly refers to its territory. In light of the recent suspension of the CSTO and Uzbekistan, if this fact is indeed linked with American security guarantees to Tashkent, the emergence of the American military following the militants will be the finale in this episode of regional geopolitics “.

In this context, it is noteworthy that the previously-in 2010, the expert predicted the three problem areas Central Asia (Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) in a conflictual area. Then in an interview BakuToday Knyazev had anticipated that the upsurge in violence will be disseminated in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and especially the Afghan province of Kunduz (North-East). “I think they have a negative for all of us the chance to unite. Because the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan-transparent enough because there were links between the radical part of the former Tajik opposition and the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan, traced their relation with the Taliban in Afghanistan … “-said the expert then. Reaffirming its forecast and a half old, Knyazev adds that “the absence of the present border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, in fact turns the southern boundary of Kazakhstan (Customs Union) is actually in Kazakh-Afghan …”

Another interesting detail, which observers close to the administration of Nuristan, but wished to remain anonymous, is here. “For more than a week in the counties of Kamdeš and Barge-Metal in Nuristan (historical region on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, focused in the area of Taliban fighters- BakuToday ) fighting, government troops are trying to dislodge the militants, which Pakistan “. According to sources, usually by capturing these counties, the goal: keep this key point from ten days to two weeks, thus providing transition militant groups from Pakistan to North-East Afghanistan in Ishkashim district (the District of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of the Republic of Tajikistan is on the banks of the River Pyanj, on the border with Afghanistan- BakuToday )”.

Even zanjatnee that according to experts, “route”, Po kotoromu shli militants have used in the past and last year Tajik Islamists Mullah Abdullah and Ali Bedaki. In addition, this “road” knew people Juma Namangani, an Uzbek (radical-Islamist– BakuToday ) and the many drug syndicates in the region.

As previously reported BakuToday, near the town of Khorog, the administrative center of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (Gbao) in Tajikistan, 3 July started comprehensive tactical exercise “Hifz-2012″ (Protection-2012 “). The maneuvers, which will last until 10 July, will involve Army aviation, armor and armament. The main objective of the exercises is the interaction between law enforcement agencies in conducting military operations in the Highlands, as well as checking skills Organized garrison of soldiers and officers. To participate in the exercises brought troops organized in garrison, law enforcement units, stationed in the country, as well as law enforcement officers.

Moreover, BakuToday has already pointed out that, according to data from the Afghanistan national security service sources, there is information about the intention of militant Taliban and Al Qaeda from among the citizens of the countries of Central Asia to cross from Afghanistan into the country. According to the source, in militants intend to create problems for the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan for the “northern route”.

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